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Talking to Kids About Racism

Many of us are talking to our children about race, racism, and racial inequality. Though they are essential, these aren’t always easy conversations to have. As adults, we may not know where or how to start.

Children are never too young to learn about diversity. Children learn from a young age about racial differences and develop their own racial biases from all of the influences around them. Parents and other caregivers – children’s earliest teachers – can have a profound impact on how children learn about race, how they understand racial bias, and how they learn to respond to racism in our society.

It’s helpful for parents to develop an understanding of how racial bias takes root in children, and the strategies we can give them to help them thrive in a diverse community.

Here’s a list of the best (free) resources online to help parents and caregivers talk to children about race.

Sesame Street in Communities

Talking to children about race, ethnicity and cultures.

PBS Kids

Tips and resources to help you have a meaningful conversation with young children about race, racism, and being anti-racist.

NPR Life Kit

An interview with Jennifer Harvey, author of “Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children In A Racially Unjust America,” about how white and all non- Black parents in particular can talk to their children about concepts like privilege.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Learn how children develop racial bias, how as adults we can confront our own racial biases, and tips for talking about racial differences and racism.


A list of books and other resources to help you raise anti-racist children.