Universal Preschool Program 2024-25


  • July 3: Deadline for families to submit or make changes to application for Round 2 matching.
  • July 8 – 19: Provider Round 2 Matching review period.
  • July 23: Families notified of second-round matches. Families must accept or decline by July 31st.
  • August 1: Non-IEP Direct Enrollment until the end of the 2024–25 school year

IEP Direct Enrollment: February 29th through the end of the 2024 – 2025 school year: Special Education Administrative Units (AUs) and school districts will request placement of students with IEPs. Providers will accept matches within 2 weeks of receiving a match. Families of a child with an IEP will have until 6/30/25 to accept their match. CDEC requests that they accept within two weeks.

Multi-lingual Marketing Toolkit: The Department of early childhood has developed and translated a marketing toolkit for Universal Preschool providers
and community partners to promote UPK in multiple languages.

Interested in Joining UPK as a Provider?

Providers can start registration and provide contact information for an Authorized Signer to be sent the Provider Agreement for signature. See this guide for instructions on completing your program setup form.  If you have questions about provider agreements, please contact CDEC directly at cdec_procurement-contracts@state.co.us.

Tools to Promote Your UPK Program to Families

The materials in this shared folder are designed to help providers promote their program to families.

Resources include printable flyers that you can share with families to let them know that you are a participating UPK provider and how they can enroll their child. There are also emails that providers can customize and send to families.

Triad Bright Futures Provider Support Sessions

Please join us for the next Triad Bright Futures Provider Support Session on Wednesday, July 17 and Fridday, July 26 from 1-2 p.m. We will answer your UPK questions and provide important updates from CDEC. We’ll also talk about what to expect for direct enrollment in August. No need to register. Use this Zoom link to join.

Universal Preschool Handbooks & FAQ

Family Handbook 2024-25

Comprehensive information to help families understand the UPK program, sign their child up, and rank their providers of choice.

There are also answers to common questions, a tool to check age eligibility, and more.

Provider Handbook 2024-25

Check this link frequently for the most updated version of the UPK provider handbook. This is a live document and new information is added regularly.

Includes detailed instructions how to enroll, how the matching process works, answers to common questions, and more.

Important Quality Standards Action Items for Providers

These phased action items are meant to help providers meet the UPK quality standards that will be phased in starting July 1, 2024.

Have and implement policies and procedures (on their website or handbook distributed to families) which ensure:

  • The use of interpreters or other language resources to effectively communicate in families’ home language;
  • Seeking input from participating families on priorities, interests, home routines, and cultural and social practices;
  • Engaging with families on goals which inform the provider’s interactions and instruction with children, including with multilingual learners;
  • Engaging families and community partners in decision-making on preschool operations;
  • Involving families in the transition of children into and out of the Preschool Program, including the transition into Kindergarten;
  • Ensuring the quality of program-family and program-staff interactions.
  • Additionally, there is a requirement to notify families of the opportunity to participate in an annual Family Survey conducted by CDEC.


  • Preschool providers will not be required to submit documentation to demonstrate compliance.
  • Information gathered in the 2024-25 school year will not be used for determination of compliance.

UPK Help Desk

The Triad Bright Futures Help Desk can help families and providers navigate the UPK portal, assist with reviewing rosters, and make requests to CDEC for seat adjustments.

The fastest way to get support is to submit an online ticket.

Submit a Ticket

Need help with submitting a ticket? Here are how-to documents to guide you through it: 

If you cannot submit a ticket, you can email upk@triadbrightfutures.org or call 720-449-7960.