Child Care & Preschool in a Family Home

High-quality child care and preschool can take place in many locations – not just a center or school. 

Family child care homes operate from the provider’s home and offer child care and preschool programs in a small-group setting.  

Many families choose to have their child in home-based programs until their child enters kindergarten.  The benefits include close relationships with the provider, attending the same program as younger siblings, and flexible hours that meet families’ needs. 

Did you know? Many home-based providers participate in Universal Preschool Colorado! 

Family child care homes are licensed and monitored for safety by the State of Colorado. 

Find a Home-Based Program

The Jefferson County Child Care Association (JCCCA) connects families with licensed home-based child care and preschool providers.


Benefits of Family Child Care Homes 

Small Group Sizes 
Family child care home providers usually care for 6 to 8 children at a time. This allows the provider to spend more time with each child. Research shows that small group sizes have a positive impact on child development and safety. 

Calmer, Comfortable Environment 
Family child care homes provide a warm and welcoming environment that is often calmer than child care centers. This can make the transition for a child easier as they leave their own home for a child care setting.

Consistent Caregiver 
In family child care homes, children are cared for by the same provider every day and build strong relationships, which supports healthy development.  

Flexible Hours 
Family child care homes are often able to offer families more flexible hours than traditional child care centers, including nights and weekends. 

Mixed-Age Groups 
In families with multiple children, family child care homes allow for children to be cared for in the same setting as their siblings. 

Choose a Home-Based Program for UPK Preschool! 

Did you know that many family child care homes are participating in Universal Preschool Colorado (UPK)? 

High-quality preschool education in a warm, loving environment. Explore a family home for your child’s preschool! 

The State of Colorado has established quality standards for the UPK program. So no matter where a child attends preschool, the same quality standards must be met. 

JCCCA can help you find a UPK program for your child. 


For Providers: Materials to Promote Your Program

Triad Bright Futures has created materials to help licensed, home-based child care and preschool programs promote their offerings to families.