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Connect to Jeffco’s Network of Family Support — Even Before Baby Is Born!

If you or someone you love is expecting a baby, you know how much there is to prepare.

You might be thinking about the labor and delivery, or how you will keep your baby safe at home. Or you may be thinking about who will care for your child when you go back to work or school. Whatever is on your mind, the many life changes that come with having a baby can be overwhelming.

Remember, you are not alone! As families, we all need support from the community to raise healthy, happy children. And in Jeffco, we have fantastic — and free — resources to support you and your baby.

Support as Life Changes

Becoming a parent can be equal parts joyful and challenging.

On the one hand, having a baby is like a tidal wave of love and excitement. On the other hand, you might have questions about parenting and how it will impact your life:

  • What does my baby need from me and how can I best support them?
  • How can I make sure I have enough money to support my family?
  • How will having a baby affect my relationship?
  • Are there resources in the community to support me and my child?

Becoming a parent means many life changes. Make sure you have someone in your life who can support you and your baby.

For many families, that person is the Jeffco Bilingual Family Navigator.

The Family Navigator provides confidential, one-on-one support for families — in English or Spanish — that is completely free of charge.

Get connected! Call 303-239-7054 or fill out a brief form and the Navigator will contact you: 


Connect to All Our Community Offers

Find out about the different programs and support available with help from the bilingual Jeffco Family Navigator, Claudia Benavidez.

Whether you need help ow to access resources or if you are looking for a longer term parenting coach, Claudia can connect you to the right kind of support.

Parenting Support Based on Brain Science

Parenting programs in Jeffco are based on the science of how the brains of babies and young children grow and develop. The programs match families with trained professionals who provide information and support during pregnancy and through a child’s first years, which is a critical period of brain development.

These evidence-based programs help families:

  • Support their child’s overall development at every stage of growth
  • Ensure children enter kindergarten ready to learn
  • Support children’s health and safety
  • Achieve economic stability

Contact the Family Navigator to learn more about parenting support in Jeffco and which program is right for your family.

Get connected! Call 303-239-7054 or fill out a short form and the Navigator will contact you:


Individual Family Navigation services, and high-quality parenting support programs, are just another reason that Jeffco is a great place to raise a family!

View a complete list of home visiting programs available in Jeffco.

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