UPK & CCCAP Work Together for Colorado families!

Combining UPK and CCCAP can help families reduce parent fees and maximize the number of hours of care per week. 

Even if families already participate in CCCAP, they should also apply for preschool through UPK Colorado to maximize their benefits. 

Signing up for UPK allows families that participate in CCCAP to:

  • Receive greater tuition benefits
  • Receive the maximum number of hours each week
  • Reduce or eliminate parent fees

If a child is eligible for UPK and their family participates in CCCAP, the family can...


  • Apply for UPK here
  • In the UPK application, search for the family’s current provider (if they have one) and select them as the first choice.
  • The UPK and CCCAP programs will coordinate to give a child the maximum number of hours of preschool each week.

learn about cccap in your community

Jefferson County

CCCAP customer service for residents of Jefferson County.

Gilpin County

Learn more about CCCAP for residents of Gilpin County.

Clear Creek County

Learn more about CCCAP for residents of Clear Creek County.