About Triad Bright Futures

Partners for strong families and quality early childhood experiences

The mission of Triad Bright Futures is to convene stakeholders and align strategies and resources across sectors to implement the Bright Futures Roadmap and universal preschool in Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties.

In 2019 a strong public-private partnership of Jefferson County community leaders launched the Bright Futures Roadmap, a county-wide vision of improved outcomes for Jefferson County families with children prenatal to age eight. In 2022, these partners re-committed to the Bright Futures Roadmap and developed the Triad Bright Futures project to serve as the early childhood local coordinating organization (LCO) for Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties. 

Triad Bright Futures works to implement the four cornerstones defined in the Bright Futures Roadmap through engagement with all community partners . As the LCO, Triad Bright Futures coordinates the universal preschool rollout by supporting providers and families, growing seat capacity, and increasing access to a variety of high-quality early care and education options for families through a mixed-delivery system. Strategic priorities include:

  1. Families have a variety of high-quality early care and education options that meet their needs and are provided through a mixed-delivery system.
  2. Families are supported in their roles as children’s first and most important teachers through an array of home visitation services that meet families’ diverse needs.
  3. Programs and providers have access to mental health consultation to fully support families’ social-emotional well-being.
  4. A robust screening, assessment, and referral system that works to address physical, social-emotional, behavioral, and social determinants of health.

The work of Triad Bright Futures builds on the legacy of the LAUNCH Together project, which succeeded in establishing a shared understanding of early childhood social-emotional health and development across our region. The initiative also helped develop a collaborative infrastructure that continues to support the progress of the Bright Futures Roadmap and the work of the LCO.

This work is generously supported with funding from the Colorado Gives Foundation, Colorado Department of Early Childhood, and Gary Community Ventures.

Our Vision

All families in Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek counties have the support they need to promote their child’s health and well-being for sustained success in school and in life.

Our Values

  • Strong Families, Strong Community
  • Equitable, High-Quality Experiences
  • Supported Adults Across Communities
  • Sustained Commitment and Coordinated Services
  • Continuous Improvement



Triad Bright Futures Partner Organizations

Triad Bright Futures stakeholder organizations work in close collaboration to support the health and well-being of the youngest children and their families. Triad Bright Futures works very closely with TRIAD Early Childhood Council to increase UPK capacity and support providers across Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties.  Partner organizations include:

  • TRIAD Early Childhood Council
  • Arvada Chamber of Commerce
  • Benefits in Action
  • Clear Creek and Gilpin County Departments of Human Services
  • Clear Creek School District R-1
  • Developmental Disabilities Resource Center
  • Eagles’ Nest Early Learning Center (Gilpin)
  • Edgewater Collective
  • Gilpin County Parks & Recreation
  • Gilpin County School District RE-1
  • Jeffco Prosperity Partners
  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  • Jefferson County Child Care Association (JCCCA)
  • Jefferson County Head Start
  • Jefferson County Human Services
  • Jefferson County Public Health
  • Jefferson County Public Library
  • Jefferson County Public Schools
  • Lakewood Connects
  • Lakewood Head Start
  • Lifespan Local

Organizational Structure

Triad Bright Futures is a project fiscally sponsored by Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition. Triad Bright Futures is staffed by Jennifer Anton, Executive Director, who has primary responsibilities to implement the Bright Futures Roadmap and support the requirements of the Local Coordinating Organization.

The Triad Bright Futures Coordinator – Mountain Communities, Marnie Copeland, coordinates Bright Futures and UPK efforts specifically in Clear Creek, Gilpin and Western Jefferson mountain communities. The Triad Bright Futures Navigator, Cecy Carballo, supports UPK administration and Bright Futures efforts in Jefferson County.

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) serves as the stakeholder group for implementation of UPK and the Bright Futures Roadmap. The CAG is made up of cross-sector early childhood partners, community members and community leaders who are committed to advancing the Roadmap and meeting Local Coordinating Organization responsibilities established in 2022 under HB 1295. The Executive Committee of the CAG makes recommendations to guide the project on key issues including the LCO Community Plan.

Triad Bright Futures Contact Information

Bilingual Navigator:  Cecy@TriadBrightFutures.org

Clear Creek, Gilpin and Western Jefferson Mountain Communities Coordinator: Marnie@TriadBrightFutures.org

Executive Director:  Jennifer@TriadBrightFutures.org

Mailing Address: PO Box 740892, Arvada CO 80006